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Fil Mackay fil at pobox.com
Sat Aug 6 15:01:06 CEST 2011

OK - I can see the value in IOCP-ing the core library. Anything you have to
give me a primer on the IOCP-related history and issues would be great; I'm
prepared to give it a shot..

Also, I could do a reactive .NET wrapper (Rx and all that).

Now a few questions:

- Would this be done on 3.0 exclusively?
- How would IPC work, would it be named pipes or shared memory? If the
latter, what technique would be used (ring buffer et al.)?
- Anyone here had experience with Disruptor - the relatively new high
performance producer-consumer (Java). I have a dream about this combined
with zmq.

>From what I've read there is a fundamental design issue of interacting with
transports, being either aligned with Unix or Windows (IOCP). Is it possible
to get the best of both worlds; to have zmq structured so the implementation
design varies for these two platforms so you get optimal performance on each

Regards, Fil.

On Sat, Aug 6, 2011 at 5:16 PM, Jarred Ward <jarred at webriots.com> wrote:

> I gave this a go some time ago. I did a direct port of the code to C# in
> order to learn the zeromq C++ code base. Same class names with the exception
> of some multiple inheritance that it has. Same functionality. Everything. I
> got some functional unit tests up and running, but the pace that zeromq was
> changing at that point out-paced the time I could dedicate. I never released
> it into the wild or used it in production, and I never really planned to.
> Like I said, it was more of a learning exercise riddled with bugs. This was
> over a year ago.
> I use zeromq quite a bit from .NET, but just utilize the clrzmq wrapper.
> Which works great IMO. I also use libzmq with java on windows too.
> With that said windows libzmq needs some help with IOCP and IPC, and if
> you're C++ chops are up to snuff I think there is lots of value there. I
> guess I'm trying to say I'd rather see IOCP and IPC within libzmq, and those
> other nice .NET abstractions in an interop library. I think that scenario
> poses the best value to the zeromq community because anything using libzmq
> on windows would now have that functionality too.
> IOCP and IPC are not simple propositions, and all of us folks who've looked
> at what it would take could certainly bring you up to speed on that front.
> If you had the time to dedicate all of us on windows would be ecstatic.
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