[zeromq-dev] .NET port

Jarred Ward jarred at webriots.com
Sat Aug 6 09:16:13 CEST 2011

I gave this a go some time ago. I did a direct port of the code to C# in
order to learn the zeromq C++ code base. Same class names with the exception
of some multiple inheritance that it has. Same functionality. Everything. I
got some functional unit tests up and running, but the pace that zeromq was
changing at that point out-paced the time I could dedicate. I never released
it into the wild or used it in production, and I never really planned to.
Like I said, it was more of a learning exercise riddled with bugs. This was
over a year ago.

I use zeromq quite a bit from .NET, but just utilize the clrzmq wrapper.
Which works great IMO. I also use libzmq with java on windows too.

With that said windows libzmq needs some help with IOCP and IPC, and if
you're C++ chops are up to snuff I think there is lots of value there. I
guess I'm trying to say I'd rather see IOCP and IPC within libzmq, and those
other nice .NET abstractions in an interop library. I think that scenario
poses the best value to the zeromq community because anything using libzmq
on windows would now have that functionality too.

IOCP and IPC are not simple propositions, and all of us folks who've looked
at what it would take could certainly bring you up to speed on that front.
If you had the time to dedicate all of us on windows would be ecstatic.
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