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That's how I've dealt with it at my end. An old solution that simply works. Besides the sense I got from 0mq's design and this list that it was that the intent of the library that you should built these kind of solutions on top of it. A heartbeat protocol (that I tweak depending on the peer type) is the only way I could see to do it.





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On 27 October 2010 18:12, Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com> wrote:

There are several options of how to solve the problem:

1. Implement a dumb sync client that happens to speak 0MQ wire-protocol.
2. Create a connect/disconnect patch and distribute it out of the 0MQ
3. Try to solve the problem in a systematic manner. That, AFAIU, boils
down to a presence service, as seen in XMPP. The problem I see with that
approach is that 0MQ is meant to be able to handle much larger number of
potential peers than XMPP where you mostly have just a few buddies.


The preferred solution for this should be implementing a virtual circuit above ØMQ, then you tweak the heartbeat intervals as required for LAN, MAN, or WAN latencies.  The problem has already been solved, no need to re-invent the wheel?




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