[zeromq-dev] c++ api issues

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Oct 20 13:30:25 CEST 2010


> 1) having the copy constructor private prevents zmq::message_t objects
> from being part of a standard containers like std::list. is it possible
> to change this, or should i resort to storing pointers to messages?
> i'm in favor of making the message_t copy ctor public. the documentation
> makes it very clear that messages should not be re-used once sent.
>          //  Disable implicit message copying, so that users won't use shared
>          //  messages (less efficient) without being aware of the fact.
> you can prepend the ctor with explicit to prevent implicit calls to the
> ctor.

How would you implement the copy constructor?

> 2) there are const correctness issues. for example,
> zmq::message_t::size() call can safely be marked const like so:
>          inline size_t size () const
>          {
>              return zmq_msg_size (this);
>          }

Fair enough.

> as for the data() call, i think it should have a version that returns
> const void * like so:
>          inline const void *const_data () const
>          {
>              return zmq_msg_data (this);
>          }

Good idea.


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