[zeromq-dev] [PATCH] [Issue 96] Default 0MQ's PGM configuration to more lenient profile

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Sun Oct 10 09:54:41 CEST 2010

On 9 October 2010 14:17, Martin Sustrik <sustrik at moloch.sk> wrote:

>  Steven,
> Changed the default PGM parameters from gigabit rated settings to more
> lenient values as used in pgmping performance test utility.
>  Wouldn't it be possible to compute all these values from a single option?
> What I mean is: User sets a socket option saying "I am running on 1GbE", 0MQ
> in turn would decide on PGM options that would work well in such setting.
Will be good to investigate for a subsequent release after some production
deployments with experience of heavy traffic.  Either a single option like
Microsoft's RM_HIGH_SPEED_INTRANET_OPT or finer grained option setting.

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