[zeromq-dev] build zeromq-2.0.9 with mingw

Herry Sitepu hisitepu at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 07:11:52 CEST 2010

Dear All,
I have tried to build zeromq-2.0.9 using mingw and found no success yest. Is
there anyone have tried this? The problem that I encountered:
1. swap.cpp:254 __int64 offset = _lseeki64 (fd, pos, SEEK_SET);
My temporary solution is to use long instead of __int64
2. make[2]: *** [libzmq_la-zmq.lo] Error 1, no clear information why compile
zmq.cpp has failed, the build process stop and I stucked how to fix this.

Is it better to use visual c++ express 2008 instead of mingw? I need to
build zeromq using mingw, because I need to build it with other opensource
libs that use autotools.

Herry Sitepu
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