[zeromq-dev] Encryption (OpenSSL/TLS)

Matt Weinstein matt_weinstein at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 14:27:11 CEST 2010


Generally, here's a first shot as far as requirements and  
implementation notes from these emails.

I'm sure I've missed a lot.  Please suggest changes/corrections/ 
additions/deletions and let's discuss.



Secure - must use a known secure approach
Endpoints Only - must not require adding features to the fabric (new  
protocols, forwarders, etc.)  (implies : routable payloads)
Routable Payloads - end to end protocol must allow payloads to be  
routable "as is"
No System Features - must not require adding system-level features or  
packages (aside from ØMQ or cognizant applications)
	Discussion: ØMQ is a "because it's there" network, which is  
application level only, system upgrades will reduce/eliminate  

Channel Based Encryption - must permit multiple counter-parties /  
channel based encryption without loss of channel security (PubSub)
Packet Level / Re-orderable - must not require message in-channel  
chaining, etc. (PubSub)

Reuse Existing Key Distribution - should be able to use existing  
keydist, etc.
Application Oblivious - don't require applications to be aware that  
crypto is being used
	alternative: Configuration Driven - require only that a new  
configuration (such as "crypto://") be used to enable
Efficient - should not introduce substantial overhead (I'd like to run  
my data feed through this)
Low Latency - encryption should require e.g. running through a  
pipelined crypto box
Local Security - local debugger attaches, etc., should not be able to  
compromise the system
Topic Based Encryption - a single PubSub channel should allow multiple  
encryption streams (permit/deny) by topic

DON'T CARE (do we?)
Traffic Analysis - if you're obscuring traffic you're in a different  
business, use SIPRNET ;-)

Crypto in Devices - suggestion - embed crypto in DEVICE framework,  
allowing applications to be (somewhat or fully) oblivious

On Oct 1, 2010, at 5:39 AM, Burak Arslan wrote:

> On 10/01/10 11:47, Mikael Helbo Kjær wrote:
>> As an app-builder trying to make use of zmq as many places as  
>> possible
>> this is the main problem I have with deploying zmq outside our
>> firewall really, everything else is acceptable.
> as an app builder, the main problem you should have with deploying
> zeromq outside your firewall is that, last time i looked, it is  
> trivial
> to remotely crash it.
> http://lists.zeromq.org/pipermail/zeromq-dev/2010-September/ 
> 005944.html
> burak
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