[zeromq-dev] Crash with nbytes != -1 (tcp_socket.cpp:217) on Linux

Alexey Ermakov zee at technocore.ru
Fri Nov 26 20:11:23 CET 2010

Our application sometimes crashes with nbytes != -1
(tcp_socket.cpp:221) assertion (on Debian and Centos).
It seems to happen when a VPN connection (set up with racoon) drops
and reconnects, but, curiously, it doesn't happen each time (mostly
just once a day or so). We send 0MQ packets over this VPN, so this
probably happens when the interface disappears in the middle of
recv(). errno is set to EINVAL when this crash happens, so maybe it
should be added to the second set of flags (peer crashed)? Or are
there some issues with it that could cause more trouble?

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