[zeromq-dev] Regarding java binding of 0MQ.

Scott Asher scottpriceasher at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 18:30:09 CET 2010

You should just break backwards compatibility.  The binding should match the
C/C++ behavior.

BTW, I DID complain about the constants being made private and moved to
Poller, but no one listened and it wasn't a big deal.

Also, another couple of issues while we're on the Java bindings:

1) (minor) The send/receive flags (e.g. ZMQ.NOBLOCK) are defined as ints,
but the functions expect longs.
2) (more annoying) Because the Poller class makes all of its underlying data
structures (e.g. the Socket array) private, the only way to even CHANGE what
events a socket is listening for is to recreate the Poller object and add
sockets to it again.  It would be nice to either expose the underlying
structures so we can manipulate stuff ourselves or write a set of functions
(e.g. deregister or an overloaded version of register which reregisters)
that do everything for us.

3) (related to 2) You can register a socket twice because your register
functions have no existence check.  I don't know what the behavior is here
(haven't tested it).  On the Java side I basically have to do a lot of
recreating pollers that I don't have to do on the C++ side.

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