[zeromq-dev] jzmq and mingw build of zeromq

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Nov 24 17:48:25 CET 2010


> Did anyone manage to build jzmq on windows with mingw (without MSVC)?
> We use mingw for compilation on windows and it works well with zeromq.
> Anyhow now I need zeromq for java on windows, and I expected this to be
> easier (its java after all, so more portable than c). I just discovered
> that to compile jzmq I need to do autogen. Getting pkg-config, libtool
> and automake to work on mingw is far from trivial… Last time I tried it
> messed up my mingw and I had to reinstall it.

You can do autogen on a non-Windows box, then move the result to Windows 
box and proceed with configure/build.


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