[zeromq-dev] Mac OS X: test_shutdown_stress sometimes fails

Dhammika Pathirana dhammika at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 06:33:48 CET 2010

Hi Martin,

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 6:42 AM, Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com> wrote:
> Dhammika,
>> 1. When finalise function finds out that the initiation is over, it
>> sends command to itself, saying "unplug the engine and send it to
>> another thread".
>> 2. The rest of the out_event executes.
>> 3. The scheduler invokes processing of the event at this point. Thus,
>> out_event is not on the stack anymore.
> I'm attaching a patch to exemplify what I had in mind. It's not perfect, it
> still fails with test_stress_shutdown, but it should give you an idea...

I donno, may be we should simplify this.
Why don't we add a refcount?


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