[zeromq-dev] how to integrate zmq to normal epoll web server

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Nov 17 08:45:44 CET 2010

On 11/17/2010 05:22 AM, technical issue wrote:

>         I want to write a web server in C++ that use ZMQ to transfer the
>         job to worker and receive the respone from the worker.
>         The web server using epoll runs in a process separated from the
>         worker process.
>         In the web server process we have 1 main thread and two child
>         threads.
>         when initializing, the main thread creates two child threads:
>         one for transferring the jobs to the PUSH queue (called C1), one
>         for receive the response from the SUB queue (like
>         Mongrel2),called C2.
>         the main thread uses epoll to accept the connection from the
>         client, parses HTTP header and then pushes the job to a queue
>         then the C1 gets job from internal queue and push to ZMQ PUSH
>         queue.
>         My question is:
>         - Is this architect OK?

I think so. AFAIK Mongrel2 does it the same way.

>         - Sholud I use 1 or 2 ZMQ I/O thread for C1 and C2 ?

1 should be enough.

>         - Because ZMQ does not support HTTP, is there any way to
>         integrate HTTP socket accepted from epoll into ZMQ polling?

Either use zmq_poll instead of EPOLL, or get the file descriptor from 
0MQ socket useing getsockopt(ZMQ_FD) and use epoll.


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