[zeromq-dev] Mac OS X: test_shutdown_stress sometimes fails

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Tue Nov 16 14:43:22 CET 2010

sustrik at 250bpm.com said:
> On 11/12/2010 11:34 AM, Christian Gudrian wrote:
> > Hello, again!
> >
> > test_shutdown_stress proves stressing under Windows, too:
> >
> > The send call at mailbox.cpp:76 might return SOCKET_ERROR with
> > GetLastError() == WSAEWOULDBLOCK. The wsa_assert macro ignores this
> > special case and allows program execution as if nothing had happened.
> > Eventually it's the following zmq_assert which aborts the program.
> >
> > Is there any reasonable way to appropriately handle this condition?
> >    
> The buffer resizing code, such as the one in POSIX implementation of 
> mailbox_t::send should exist on windows as well.

As Martin says, there is no reasonable way to handle WSAEWOULDBLOCK in
mailbox_t::send(). If it's not failing on that right now then that's a bug
and it should just assert.

As for the buffer-resizing code for Windows, feel free to port the code
from the POSIX implementation. I have no idea if on-the-fly resizing of a
socket's SNDBUF will work reliably on Winsock.

Even then the whole buffer-resizing operation is more a hack than anything
else; unfortunately all the other options we investigated with Martin
Sustrik for reimplementing the way mailbox_t works seem to be dead ends
right now :-(


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