[zeromq-dev] Assertion failed: fds.size() <= FD_SETSIZE in select.cpp:67

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Tue Nov 16 10:16:10 CET 2010


>> If someone actually tests that setting FD_SETSIZE to 1024 in 0MQ
>> MSVC project doesn't  break client applications with different
>> FD_SETSIZE values
> So the MSVC project file #defines FD_SETSIZE to be 1024? That should
> only affect the very files that are contained in that project and none
> other.
> Does FD_SETSIZE have do be appropriately #defined when including 0MQ the
> header files? Do they re#define FD_SETSIZE? That might be a problem.

If does not. So it should work.

But before checking it in I would like to see it actually works.


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