[zeromq-dev] problem building pyzmq

eric eric at ericjbell.com
Sat Nov 13 20:38:11 CET 2010

I've actually understood the difference between 0MQ and the PyZMQ 
binding project.

I just figured out that 0MQ is on 2.0.10, whereas PyZMQ is 2.0.8 ... so 
when MinRK referred to PyZMQ's upcoming 2.0.10 release, I got the 
version numbering mixed up which version number was referring to the 
core and which was referring to the Python binding.

What I am still confused by is something I read somewhere about 
requiring Cython *IF* you are doing PyZMQ development, implying that I 
don't need Cython if I am not doing PyZMQ development. Since I 
downloaded a stable release of 0MQ, it seemed to me that I didn't need 
to have Cython, but it appears that I do.


On 11/13/2010 11:25 AM, Martin Sustrik wrote:
> Hi,
> My understanding is that Eric have been confused by 0MQ core and PyZMQ
> being two separate projects, having different version numbers and
> releases. The text Eric mentions discusses versions of 0MQ core while
> Min have referred to PyZMQ versions.
> I would say we should explain that 0MQ+language bindings is not a single
> project on a well-visible spot in the wiki.
> Ideas anyone?
> Martin

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