[zeromq-dev] Mac OS X: test_shutdown_stress sometimes fails

Christian Gudrian christian at gudrian.org
Fri Nov 12 13:26:15 CET 2010

Am 12.11.2010 12:23, schrieb gonzalo diethelm:

> Is it correct that you want to return for any case that is not

No. Those cases get handled by the call to wsa_assert that follows the 
while loop which calls abort in case of an error.

> Any chance you might have an infinite loop here, if send() keeps
> returning WSAEWOULDBLOCK? Should you limit the amount of times this loop
> could be executed?

That raises the question how to handle that case. There's no means of 
communicating an error like this to the caller. If a call to 
mailbox_t::send returns it is considered successful. So either we abort 
the whole process (which appears wrong to me since WSAEWOULDBLOCK is 
explicitly marked as "nonfatal") or we stay in an inifite loop. The 
latter one is basically the thing the OS asks us to do: "The resource is 
temporarily unavailable so try again later".

> Is it OK to always sleep 1 ms? Should you implement some kind of
> exponential back-off?

Perhaps. I implemented the shortest possible path to make 
test_shutdown_stress pass that particular condition (which happens only 
rarely when ZMQ faces heavy load).


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