[zeromq-dev] Updated home page for zeromq.org

Pieter Hintjens ph at imatix.com
Fri May 28 15:52:59 CEST 2010

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 12:40 PM, Nicholas Piël <nicholas at nichol.as> wrote:

> It doesn't look that good on OSX in Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Not sure if it is browser related but i see the following issues...

Works fine in my Lynx :-)

>  * The text size of the first paragraph is too big and different in size from the second and third paragraph.

It kind of works on larger screens, totally useless on smaller ones.
Removed that.

>  * The text of the links in the right column overlap each other

The email links are messy... I reduced the line height to make the
list more compact but when it folds over two lines, it overlaps.
Anyhow, this is a sandbox.  I've opened edit rights so anyone can edit
that page (after joining the site).

> Some design specific wishes:
>  * I really liked how at zeromq.org the navigation column is below the big 0MQ logo. I preferably have the top of the navigation column lined up horizontally with the first paragraph. So that the logo and page title more stand out. I know how i first arrived at 0MQ website and really loved that design.

The original design was very nice but it wastes so much space.  It's a
great first impression but for me becomes annoying in daily use
because I always need to scroll down the page.

A random idea springs to mind: how about a very sparse page (like the
original design) for non-members, and a more practical layout for
members?  This is doable in Wikidot.

>  * I liked the cleanness of the current zeromq.org design where the background of the navigation column is white instead of gray and the title is below the logo.

I've also put the CSS onto a page (http://www.zeromq.org/sandbox:css)
that anyone can edit.  Feel free to play with it!

>  * I dislike how the links are separated by pipe bars and would much rather see these arranged all under each other. This makes stuff much easier to find imho.

Again, matter of practicality.  The long menus just need a lot of
scrolling.  I wanted to get them collapsed so the start page fits on
one (not huge) screen.

> I can understand that the amount of links is a bit too large for this, but maybe it is an idea to have them restructured more hierarchically...

That will certainly help.  We might use collapsing menus but that
means visitors can't see all links, they need to click on top-level
menus to see what's underneath.  Not nice.

> I would also rewrite the first paragraph on the main page. It should be clear from the first sentence what 0MQ actually is. Fe, "0MQ is a software library which allows you to quickly design and implement a fast and efficient messaging system."

I'll add that now.  Again, feel free to experiment with the page and
CSS.  If you want to make radical changes, I'd suggest copying the
start page into a new page.

Let's continue to discuss here, I appreciate your feedback.


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