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John Skyfox johnskyfox at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 11:47:17 CEST 2010

Hi all,
I'be been working for some days on a pb that I had. I have a publisher that is publishing messages to several consumers. Some of the consumers can be slow. From the current implementation of ømq I had 2options (maybe more but I am not expert enough with ømq to see them).
1) let the publisher buffer in memory (and maybe to disk by using the swap option)2) put high watermark
Sol1: leads eventually to a crash of the system and poor performance.
Sol2: punish everybody because of one slow consumer
With some few modifications, I found that it is possible to have some kind of buffer limit per queue (I use it as an option). If it is set, the publisher will stopwriting new messages to slow consumer without dropping them to normal consumer.
Is there a plan to arm ømq with some kind strategy in order to handle slow consumer ? In term of reliability it should not be possible to crash a publisher or to punish all the consumers because of 1 slowconsumer. I can contribute to some degree (I have started looking in ømq code in order to understand its logic. Is there a good doc that I can read for that ?)
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