[zeromq-dev] zmq_poll

Serge Aleynikov serge at aleynikov.org
Fri May 21 07:55:38 CEST 2010

This patch is even simpler than before.  See attached along with a test 
program (use remote_lat.c as the sender).

On 5/21/2010 1:36 AM, Martin Sustrik wrote:
> Hi Serge,
>> Ok.  So how about the following API refinement?  Notably we're no longer
>> interested in passing around the context, but rather zmq_app_thread gets
>> us an app_thread that a 0MQ socket belongs to, and from there we can get
>> the signaling fd to be used for polling.
>> // Return current application thread object or NULL if
>> // current thread is not registered with the context
>> void* zmq_app_thread(void* socket_);
>> // Return file descriptor suitable for polling on to find
>> // out if there's any outstanding work pending on app_thread_
>> int zmq_wait_fd(void* app_thread_);
>> // Process all pending commands in the context of
>> // current application thread
>> int zmq_process(void* app_thread_);
>> // Determine if a socket as any pending events.
>> // revents is a bitmask of ZMQ_POLLIN | ZMQ_POLLOUT
>> int zmq_events(void* socket_, int revents);
> Yes, that's better than before. I still feel that it can be improved
> somehow, but can't figure out how at the moment. Anyway, the
> functionality is OK and the change (if any) would be only cosmetic. So
> feel free to go on with the implementation.
>> Will two 0MQ sockets of the same type share the same TCP transport
>> connection when connected to the same address?  Would it matter whether
>> or not they are owned by the same app_thread?
> No. There will be two independent TCP conneccions.
> Cheers!
> Martin
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