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Michael P. McCormick mccormick.michael.p at gmail.com
Tue May 11 20:09:51 CEST 2010

At first glance, I would recommend a feature such as this, specifically
for integrating with other third-party, open-source libraries ... one
scenario that comes to mind immediately might be a QuickFIX to ZMQ
gateway (or vice versa).  Not 100% certain, but offhand, I think this
feature would be useful in that context.

On 05/11/2010 07:09 AM, Serge Aleynikov wrote:
> Hi,
> The current design of zmq_poll(3) call assumes the "ownership" of a the 
> event objects such that it'll make the underlying poll call on the 
> number of event objects (i.e. file descriptors or zmq sockets) and block 
> for a specified timeout.
> When integrating this library with other libraries (such as Erlang VM), 
> they may have their own event loop and facility to add/remove file 
> descriptors along with providing a callback indicating that there's 
> activity on given file descriptors.
> I'd like to see if the following requirement sounds reasonable.
> Objective
> ---------
> Allow external event loops control ZMQ communications layer.
> Implementation
> --------------
> Add two new functions:
> int zmq_poll_prepare(pollfd* fds_, zmq_pollitem_t *items_, int nitems_,
>                       int* zmq_signaler_fd_);
>      Initialize the fds_ array of size nitems_ with file
>      descriptors from items_.  If there are ZMQ sockets in the items_
>      array, *zmq_signaler_fd_ will contain the index of the ZMQ signaling
>      fd.  Otherwise *zmq_signaler_fd_ will be set to -1.
> int zmq_poll_check(pollfd* fd_, zmq_pollitem_t* item_, int event_,
>                     short type_)
>      This function needs to be called after externally detected activity
>      on event_.  fd_ and item_ is the pollfd and zmq_pollitem_t structs
>      corresponding to event_ item.
>      The function will process internal ZMQ commands and update
>      item_->revents corresponding to the type_ of event detected.
> I'd like to hear your feedback and can provide the implementation if 
> there's interest of including it in the library.
> Serge
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