[zeromq-dev] PGM multicast

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Tue May 11 10:15:19 CEST 2010

On 11 May 2010 16:04, Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com> wrote:

> tradermbox-zmq at yahoo.com wrote:
> > would you say that the only stable transports are tcp and inproc? and
> > epgm is questionable?
> Steven should comment on the stability status of OpenPGM.
> However, it should be noted that multicast transports are inherently
> complex to set up and are often fail due to inadequate networking
> hardware, incorrect HW/OS setup etc.
For example my Alteon is dropping any packet with IP Router Alert (RFC 2113)
enabled but my HP ProCurve is handling it fine.  Due to this it will now be
a configurable option, similar to SmartPGM.  By default it is disabled, as
with version 1 and 2.

UDP/PGM is always more stable given non-conducive network infrastructure

There are no known issues with OpenPGM 2.1.26 aside of unsupported PGM
extensions: FEC, Polling, Congestion Control, designated local repairs, and
back-off interval auto-tuning.

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