[zeromq-dev] Blog: Zero-copy and Multi-part Messages

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sun May 9 17:04:08 CEST 2010


> *Martin, this is a great feature and write-up however I was left
> wondering about the receive side.
> Only the last paragraph mentions the receiving side logic and leaves out
> E.g. what happens when *|*ZMQ_RCVMORE reaches the end of the message
> stream, also in a REQ/REP scenario, does the recv function get triggered
> once or twice ?

I am not sure I understand. Are you asking what getsockopt(ZMQ_RCVMORE) 
returns if there are no messages available? If so, it returns false (0).

> Thanks for the work, I am restlessly waiting for 2.0.7 :)

Coming soon! :)


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