[zeromq-dev] C binding DLL for ROOT/CINT

Varol Okan varokan at movingsatellites.com
Thu May 6 14:10:18 CEST 2010


I must have missed the whole CINT thread here.

I implemented the same and married cint and 0MQ. Works like a charm as
the foundation of my C++ scripting server/client architecture. Kudos to
both projects.

CINT is better than Ch (IMHO) as it is released under a much less
restrictive license. Also It i so trivial to extend and/or implement in
your own application. I talked to the current maintainer and they are
contemplating moving to a LLVM frontend in the future but I have to
admit I love the current system.

Another nice thing is tha you are really getting used to scripting C++
in no time and I even find myself abandoning bash in a lot of cases.
After all C++ is what I breath.

My 2c

Varol :)

Martin Sustrik wrote:
> Armin Steinhoff wrote:
>>>> But the performance test shows not so brilliant results ...
>>> Any specifics? Figures? HW it is run on?
>> Dual core machine, 1.8GHz CPU, standard latency test:
>> QNX6.4 (io_pkt)
>> TCP:         45us
>> UNIX socket: 37us 
>> SUSE11.2 (non RT, same machine)
>> TCP:         17us
>> UNIX socket: 15us
>> Was a little bit disappointing ...
> Well, 0MQ is implemented in user space, so it just has to delegate some 
> functionality to the OS. If the OS is slow there's little it can do :(
> Martin
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