[zeromq-dev] Ada Bindings for 0mq

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Mar 31 08:32:37 CEST 2010

Hi Per,

>>> Whats missing in order to get a full binding is a a new routine to init
>>> context with a callbacks for 0mq internal thread start and termination.
>> What would that be good for? 0MQ is managing it's internal threads
>> itself. So far there haven't been a request for running user code in I/O
>> threads.
> May be it just an misinterpretation of the interface, but i read out the 
> worst scenario and thougt that send is some instances was an non 
> blocking operation and that free could be called by some of the 
> I/O-threads, but if thats not the case the extra interface isn't needed.

Yes, it's the case. So what you need is to init Ada infrastructure in 
0MQ I/O threads so that you can deallocate Ada-allocated chunks of 
memory, right?

>> In any case, if you want to reference your binding from www.zeromq.org,
>> create an account there (top right of the page) and let me know your
>> login. I'll create a page for ADA binding (same as other bindings have)
>> and give you write access.
> Yes i think that would be an good idea and my login on "www.zeromq.org"
> is "persan".

OK. I've send you an invitation. Once you accept it you'll have write 
access. I've created a page for you here:


I've pasted in content of python binding webpage so that you have a 
template to start with. Once you are ready, ping me and I'll link the 
page from the left pane as other language bindings are.


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