[zeromq-dev] Multi-part messages

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sat Mar 27 18:21:34 CET 2010


>> I've implemented "multi-part message" functionality as it was discussed
>> on the mailing list lately.
> Fantastic, this is great.
>> The patch was committed to the trunk and can be used this way:
>> zmq::message_t part1 (100);
>> s.send (part1, ZMQ_TBC); //  to be continued...
>> zmq::message_t part2 (100);
>> s.send (part2);
> How does the receiver detect message group boundaries?

No API for it now. I have no sane idea how the API should look like :(

As an workaround you can check the flag by hand:

zmq_msg_t msg;
int tbc = msg.flags & ZMQ_MSG_TBC ? 1 : 0;

>> Multi-part message behaves as a simply message. Specifically, it's
>> atomic, meaning that you'll either get all parts or nothing. Also
>> individual parts of the message cannot be torn apart by load balancing,
>> fair queueing etc.
> Great.
>> Another use case is adding structure to the message. Message part
>> boundaries are preserved as message passes the network, thus they can be
>> used to delimit semantically separate parts of the message. This use
>> case is going to be used extensively by 0MQ itself in the future
>> (separating routing info from user data etc.)
> I guess this means the routing string of XREP will be handled in a
> multipart.  What will the algorithm be to cleanly separate the 0MQ
> usage of multipart from the user's usage of it?  Will 0MQ internally
> add and remove message parts so that the user only sees the
> application message parts at the endpoints?

Yes. 0MQ will do that for you. In multi-hop req/rep scenario each 
intermediate node will add it's ID to the request. Terminal REP node 
would copy the stack of IDs to the reply and send it back. Each 
intermediate node would trim one ID from the reply.

> Another question: how do multipart message interact with topic
> filtering.  Is topic filtering done on each message in a group
> separately?  On the entire group?  Is the topic the first message in
> the group?

Only the first part is used for topic matching. Not doing so would 
result in multi-part message not being atomic.

> One thing we are running into with Python is that if we recv a large
> message that has a topic and routing info (XREP) we get the result as
> a single large message.  Because Python strings are immutable, we have
> to make expensive copies to extract the message.  It would be great if
> we could use multipart to get the tag, routing info and message in
> different recv's.

Yes, exactly. Multi-part messages should solve the zero-copy problems 
for both 0MQ itself and user applications alike.

>> The patch is quite complex and thus it would benefit from testing.
> I will write a test suite in pyzmq for this.


>> Also note that XREQ and XREP sockets are rendered unfunctional by the
>> patch and will be rewritten shortly.
> We are using XREQ and XREP extensively in a real app now, so this will
> slow us a bit.  Other than handling the routing info as using message
> parts, will the functionality of XREP/XREQ change?

No it won't except for REP socket where user currently has to manage the 
routing prefix by hand. It will be handled transparently for the user. 
And it's next on my todo list, so hopefully you can start using it shortly.


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