[zeromq-dev] Windows and PGM

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Thu Mar 25 23:37:20 CET 2010

> > Hmm, thinking out loud.  Seems like there should be a base C++
> > "device_t" class in 0MQ.  This class should be quite simple:  it
> > should have a start and a stop method.  These methods should call
> > methods that subclasses provide that actually implement the device.
> > The device_t class should be thread safe and calling start should
> >
> > * Start a new application thread that the device will run in.
> > * Call the appropriate method of the subclass that starts the event
> > loop of the device in the thread.
> > * Return immediately.
> >
> > Calling stop should do:
> >
> > * Stop the devices event loop.
> > * Kill the thread.
> >
> > Might also have a pause.
> >
> > Different subclasses can implement appropriate constructors to pass
> > the configuration information to the device.
> >
> > The key though, I think, is to run the device in a thread so it can
> > have its own event loop.  Not sure, but you might want to even give
> > each device its own context.
> >
> > Does this make any sense?
> Yes, it does. However, what I had problem with is how all that info
> that's currently available in the xml config file should be passed to
> the device class...

I am doing something similar in my own system. I think it all boils down
to defining "connections" (for lack of a better term), which are a
combination of:

* Name: unique identity
* Endpoint: inproc://pipe, tcp://, etc.
* Type: PUB, SUB, REQ, REP, etc.
* Action: bind, connect

If you could pass a list of these to your class, then you would simply
create all these "connections" and then have a poll loop in your own
thread. So for a streamer you could have:

  ear = <tcp://; REP; bind>
  mouth = <tcp://; REQ; connect>

Then your class would know it has to create "ear" and "mouth" and then
start polling.

This could apply to any kind of "device"; a node in my topology might
need a SUB socket, a REQ socket and an UPSTREAM socket, which I would
define this way as well.

It would certainly be nice if this was supported by 0MQ itself.

Gonzalo Diethelm

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