[zeromq-dev] Port of ZeroMQ to QNX 6.4

Armin Steinhoff armin at steinhoff.de
Thu Mar 25 21:40:21 CET 2010


Martin Sustrik wrote:
> Armin Steinhoff wrote:
>> Problem solved!  The reason for the crash at termination of a zmq based 
>> application was the linking against libecpp and libcpp.
>> After removing libecpp the crash problem is solved ..
> Ha! Great! I've already though you've gave up.

No, no ... in the moment I have to care about other things.

> So what's the state of afairs on QNX port now? Anything has to be 
> changed by hand in 0MQ or does the exiting base build/run as is? What 
> about libecpp problem? Should it be mentioned in FAQ?

If there is time available I will come back with detailed info about the 


> Thanks.
> Martin
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