[zeromq-dev] patches for building on Solaris 10, with Sun CC

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Fri Mar 19 07:12:29 CET 2010


I'll commit b) and c).

Jon, please let me know whether ommitting the a) is OK and state that 
the patch is submitted under MIT license.


Martin Lucina wrote:
> jon at totient.co.uk said:
>>>> a) For my sol 10 build I do not appear to need the -D POSIX_C .....  
>>>> flag. (is it a GCC only thing)
>>> It's not a GCC thing, it's a POSIX feature selection macro. If it doesn't
>>> hurt I'd rather leave it in.
>> the configure thing went a bit loopy with it present and the compile
>> failed. I'll get the full log if you are interested.
> Yes please. The config.log file from a failed run would be interesting
> also.
>>>> b) Sunstudio 12.1 CC std::make_pair not make std::string from const char*
>>>> c) the Sun compiler CC doesnt like a variable called sun as it 
>>>> defines this in a #define
>>> These look fine to me and I guess Martin Sustrik will commit them.
>>> -mato
>> i'll state it here 'these are all under the MIT License'
> Great.
> Thanks,
> -mato
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