[zeromq-dev] Debian package for 2.0.6 uploaded

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Thu Mar 18 21:09:44 CET 2010

Hi Adrian!

First of all, thank you for the express upload!

> Below the Debian packaging in 2.0.6, you may want to import it into git.

Importing it into git (thus minimizing your diff) is a good idea. I'll look
into it soonish.

> I think I'll continue to work in the hg repository I've got right now,
> because I don't have the time right now to figure out a proper process
> based on the git repository.  Note that sicne I work from the tarball,
> zeromq as contained in the packaging repository is the result of running
> autogen.sh, so packaging directly from this debian/ directory is not
> possible per se in the git repository.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean here? That the "autogen.sh" step
would be required before doing dpkg-buildpackage when one wants to package
a git snapshot?

A couple of comments on the current packaging:

1) You might want to replace the package descriptions with something like
this (from the 1st paragraph of doc/zmq.txt):

    "The 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel is a library which extends the
    standard socket interfaces with features traditionally provided by
    specialised messaging middleware products. 0MQ sockets provide an
    abstraction of asynchronous message queues, multiple messaging
    patterns, message filtering (subscriptions), seamless access to
    multiple transport protocols and more."

Which is more about the actual functionality provided.

2) In a similar vein, the zeromq-utils description could say
something like:

    "This package contains the ZeroMQ devices:
     zmq_queue (Forwarder device for request-response messaging)
     zmq_forwarder (Forwarder device for publish-subscribe messaging)
     zmq_streamer (Streamer device for parallelized pipeline messaging)

     These are building blocks intended to serve as intermediate nodes in
     complex messaging topologies."

This could be instead of, or in addition to, the description of ZeroMQ as a
whole -- I'm not sure how short/long the description is supposed to be. The
idea here is that people searching for e.g. zmq_streamer can find it.

3) I'd prefer that the zeromq-utils package be called zeromq-bin. This is
because we will emphasise the role of the shipped devices much more in the
future -- you really want them when building complex messaging topologies
-- and calling it "utils" makes it seem less important. What are your
thoughts on this?



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