[zeromq-dev] C# interface for Zmq 2.x

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Mar 18 08:23:59 CET 2010

Hi Jeff,

> I made some C# bindings a few weeks ago, but just committed it and
> pushed it: http://github.com/s450r1/zeromq2/blob/master/bindings/clr/Zmq.cs

Nice! Can you attach a licnese to the code so that it can be used 
safely? LGPL would be preferable.

> However, it's only been tested to work with the 0MQ from a few weeks
> ago, before the language bindings were kicked out of the core 0MQ
> repository :-)  I've been meaning to update it with the latest changes
> to 0MQ, but haven't had a chance yet (as I have 6 month old twin
> girls).

Wow. Congratulations!

> Feel free to use that as a starting point if you wish.
> There's a few examples in
> http://github.com/s450r1/zeromq2/tree/master/bindings/clr.  See the
> Rakefile for how to build (or use rake[1] to build).
> [1]: http://rake.rubyforge.org/


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