[zeromq-dev] full duplex asynch messaging

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Mon Mar 15 14:23:14 CET 2010


>        I didnt really mean the API differences (which as you point out, 
> differ only by a loop). However, as i explained, i have to use this same 
> socket for sending too. Then the code becomes 
> queue<msg_t> outgoing queue;
> void recv_thread_routine ()
> {
>    socket_t s (ctx, ZMQ_SUB);
>    s.connect (...);
>    while (true) {
>        message_t msg;
>        s.recv (&msg);
>        callback (msg);
>        acquire lock on outgoingqueue then  if (outgoingQueue not empty) 
> dequeue and send contents()
>    }
> }
> Is this the only design possible?

The above won't work. You can't send messages to SUB socket.

However, if you have a bi-directional socket (such as P2P), you can poll 
for IN & OUT and do the send/recv depending on the result.


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