[zeromq-dev] linking with libzmq with pgm support failed

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Mar 10 15:34:25 CET 2010

Hi Ayman,

> I try to link my source with libzmq 2.0 beta2  which it was build with 
> pgm support but linking is failed because of
>  undefined references. Please see the output snapshot bellow. As far I 
> can see in ZeroMQ documentation there is no need to build
> openpgm by my own, right?

No. 0MQ build system should build it for you.

>  Any help is appreciated.

As far as I can see, what you are missing is glib. OpenPGM is dependent 
on glib and you should have it installed before you start building 0MQ.


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