[zeromq-dev] Windows DLLs with OpenPGM now available

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Wed Mar 10 15:30:28 CET 2010

Hi Giambattista,

> I cannot send without a small sleep, because it fullfill the LAN
> The application use the same alghoritm of your local_thr and remote_thr
> I see the problems when the throutput became higth.

That's what ZMQ_RATE is for. Set the max. rate you would like to use 
(such as 10Mb/sec) and 0MQ will do the throttling for you. No need to sleep.

>> Yes. This happens when receiver is slower than publisher. It's called
>> queueing effect.
> Yes, i know the problem, but the receiver do nothing else that count the 
> messages number and size.
> The CPU is slow and also the LAN utilisation it's slow, so i must not 
> have this problems.

Are you sure the switch is not the bottleneck? We've seen this kind of 
problem with low-end switches that send everything to each connected 
box. Combining such setup with high throughput result in switch 
backplane capacity saturation and subsequent packet dropping. The 
overall effect looks very similar to what you see (receivers are slow 
event though there seems to be no congestion).

> What is the backtrace?
> the application crash and disapper from the task manager.

Backtrace is the call stack in the moment of the failure.


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