[zeromq-dev] Windows DLLs with OpenPGM now available

Giambattista Saldi g.saldi at kline.it
Wed Mar 10 15:27:35 CET 2010

> 1. You have to set ZMQ_RATE socket option to the rate limit you want to
> achieve. Default is 100kb/sec which is pretty low (security measure to
> prevent people accidentally flooding the network).
yes , i have set ZMQ_SNDBUF and ZMQ_RCVBUF to 1 MB
and ZMQ_RATE to 100000
> 2. For multicast at high rates you'll need industry-level network
> switch. Specifically, IGMP-snooping is sine qua non here.
this is a good question, i check it , but i think can be not so good switch.



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