[zeromq-dev] Windows DLLs with OpenPGM now available

Giambattista Saldi g.saldi at kline.it
Wed Mar 10 10:51:52 CET 2010

Hi All,

I'm a WIN32 user, i try 0MQ on TCP transport and i think work fine
Now i start the evaluation on PGM, writing a wrapper for Delphi (pascal 
) using the 0MQ C dll.
All work if the throutput is not so higth.
This is my evaluation enviroment:
LAN : 100 Mb
3 workstation:
A Windows 7 32 bit Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.66 GHz 2 GB RAM
B Windows 2008 32bit server Virtual machine on WIN2008 R2 64Bit 
Hypervision 1 CPU 2.80 GHZ. 1 GB RAM
C Windows Vista 32 Bit 1 CPU 2.85 GHz 2 GB RAM

I have developed a PUB SUB application
the WKS A pub data and on WKS B and WKS C SUB data, the application 
message size is 140 byte.

The Sender loop forever : send X message sleep Y millisecond
The sender don't have any problem, it allocate 145 MB of ram and the CPU 
it's near to 0%

the problems are the receivers, this is some frequence data:
sender :Send 100 msg and sleep 10 ms  Receiver throutput 5371 [msg/s] 
6,5 [Mb/s]

i try to send more msg, i can have any of this situations:
- the receiver is slow, it can't receive all the messages, but if the 
sender send minus msg the receiver resolve the problems and after some 
time it have received the same number of message of the sender.
- the receiver stop to receive any message, there is no error, the LAN 
and the CPU are working, but the application never receive.If the sender 
send more slow ,after some time the receive application start to receive 
the new message, but it have lost all the past msg.
- the receiver crash, i receive a generic C exception and the 
application hang.In the event viewer i have this message :
Faulting application Project1.exe, version, time stamp 
0x2a425e19, faulting module libzmq-0.dll, version, time stamp 
0x4b92eaa2, exception code 0x40000015, fault offset 0x0000c3b3, process 
id 0xad8, application start time 0x01cac032f6428a6e.
Can be possible that all the receiver crash at the same time !!!.

The big problem it's that this situations are not systematic replicable.
In some situations i have this error sending 100 msg, or sending 200 msg 
or sending 150 msg, but i don't undertand the relation from sending 
throutput and type of error

I try the same throutput with the tcp socket and all work fine, no 
errors and cpu and ram utilization very slow.

Any suggestion are appreciated

Thanks in advance


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