[zeromq-dev] New reference manual committed and on-line

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Tue Mar 9 19:23:08 CET 2010


I have just committed to GIT a complete rewrite of the 0MQ reference manual
included in the distribution. As many people have noted, the original
documentation was somewhat lacking.

The new rewrite aims to be a comprehensive reference for 0MQ concepts,
library functions and devices. Above all, the emphasis has been placed on
completeness and correctness. As a reference manual this does not aim to be
a tutorial and thus does not explain concepts that the reader is assumed to
be familiar with.

I hope that this will be useful and will contribute to the success of 0MQ.

The on-line documentation at http://www.zeromq.org/area:docs-v20 has been
updated with the new manual; note that this documents 0MQ as of the current
GIT, so it does not precisely match the 2.0beta2 release. Given that we
plan to release 2.0.6 this week or early next week, this is only a
temporary problem.

Please review and any feedback will gladly be appreciated. Patches (ideally
"git diff") welcome!



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