[zeromq-dev] Non-contiguous message thoughts

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sat Mar 6 20:08:03 CET 2010


>> It's less trivial to implement (at very least it would require tweaking
>> the wire protocol), however, the added value is much greater than in the
>> simple iovec case.
> Agreed, it certainly seems non-trivial, especially over some of the socket
> types.  What did you have in mind for the API on the receiving side?  Would
> the receiver have to know that it is receiving a message group, or would all
> of the messages be delivered as one large message?  Or do you have another
> idea?

I thought of leaving the receiving API as is:

zmq_recv (&msg1);
zmq_recv (&msg2);
zmq_recv (&msg3);

Note that as the messages are guaranteed to be delivered atomically in 
one go, second and third recv won't ever block.

Additionally, it's possible to check for 'end of the group' flag:

bool end = zmq_is_end_of_group (msg);

However, my feeling is that such a functionality just makes the API more 
complex without providing much added value. If needed, the same thing 
can be done on application level.


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