[zeromq-dev] Port of ZeroMQ to QNX 6.4

Armin Steinhoff armin at steinhoff.de
Sat Mar 6 16:54:47 CET 2010

Martin Sustrik wrote:
> Armin Steinhoff wrote:
> [clip]
> Am I missing something?
> "the termination of "local_lat" aborts within the libcpp.so.4 calling 
> the destructor of io_base."
> I though I would see io_base somewhere on the stack.
> In any case, putting io_base issue aside, it may be an issue with poll 
> mechanism. Can you try to recompile with ZMQ_FORCE_SELECT macro defined 
> so that poll is replaced by select and check whether the problem persists?

I have added "#define ZMQ_FORCE_SELECT 1" to plattform.hpp.

Same behavior ...



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