[zeromq-dev] Port of ZeroMQ to QNX 6.4

Armin Steinhoff armin at steinhoff.de
Sat Mar 6 14:13:47 CET 2010

Hello all,

I have tried to recompile ZeroMQ for QNX 6.4 and need some help.

Here are my steps:

- configure command:  "CC=qcc CXX=QCC configure --with-c --with-perf"
- because of rpl_malloc isn't available I have added  "#define 
rpl_malloc malloc" to platform.hpp
- modified the LIBS specification of the Makefile located in perf to 
"LIBS = -lcpp -lcxa  -lstdc++ -lssl  -lsocket -lecpp"

With this modification the recompilation works well.

Starting "local_lat" with the command  "local_lat 
tcp:// 10 1000" shows the following abort:

# local_lat tcp:// 10 10
Assertion failed: !(it->revents & POLLNVAL) (poll.cpp:170)
Abort (core dumped)

There must also be some basic problems ... the termination of 
"local_lat" aborts within the libcpp.so.4 calling the destructor of io_base.

Are there any tips to solve these problems?

Best Regards


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