[zeromq-dev] Breaking blocking in a server app

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Wed Jun 30 20:28:15 CEST 2010

ellisonbg at gmail.com said:
> > You can destroy the context object from another thread, that will
> > cause all blocking calls to return.  You will need to either shutdown
> > then, or create a new context and new sockets.
> Is this part of the official API, or just something that happens to
> work?  Because this is a subtle issue, if it is part of the API, we
> may want to mention it in the docs.

It is part of the official API, and it is mentioned in the docs.

In zmq_term(3) / http://api.zeromq.org/zmq_term.html / doc/zmq_term.html :

    The _zmq_term()_ function terminates the 0MQ context 'context'.

    If there are no longer any sockets open within 'context' at the time
    _zmq_term()_ is called then 'context' shall be shut down and all
    associated resources shall be released immediately.

    Otherwise, the following applies:

    * The _zmq_term()_ function shall return immediately.

    * Any blocking operations currently in progress on sockets open within
      'context' shall return immediately with an error code of ETERM.

    * With the exception of _zmq_close()_, any further operations on
      sockets open within 'context' shall fail with an error code of ETERM.

    * The actual shutdown of 'context', and release of any associated
      resources, *shall be delayed* until the last socket within it is
      closed with _zmq_close()_.



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