[zeromq-dev] publisher side filtering

ernie elukie at comcast.net
Wed Jun 30 02:54:25 CEST 2010

I am looking at building a message dispatch system.  The clients connect 
to a server on a well known port and subscribe to 'topics'.  Clients can 
also generate 'topics' of their own which are published to other 
subscribed clients.

I need the subscription filtering to be done on the server rather than 
the individual clients.  One reason is "psuedo-security" -- some of the 
'topics' I do not want to be pushed to certain clients.  Another reason 
is the 'topic' subscriptions will be sparse -- only a few of the main 
clients will be subscribing to individual 'topics'.

Looking at the message patterns available in zeroMQ, I'm not clear that 
I can accomplish this.  I need to be able to identify which client 
generated a message and route it to subscribed clients.  I can not do 
this with the pub/sub pattern.  Since there is no response, I do not see 
that I can use the req/rep pattern.  I am new to zeromq, so I figure I 
am not understanding how or if I can implement this.  Any suggestions 
would be appreciated.

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