[zeromq-dev] ooc bindings for ØMQ

Matt Weinstein matt_weinstein at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 01:18:33 CEST 2010

Interestingly, Unix pipes don't really either.  We've been packetized  
for years in the form of "lines" on Unix.

I'm thinking of writing a pipe "adapter" for zmq, e.g.:

zpipe --istream tcp://myhost:3333 | grep -v foobar | zpipe --ostream  

zpipe --sub pgm://whatever --topic alarms | grep -i urgent

That would be fun to play with.


On Jun 17, 2010, at 4:59 PM, Brian Granger wrote:

>> Now, if you truly want to define 0MQ as a standard way of  
>> communicating across applications / languages / Oss, then yes, you  
>> need to standardize the data representation. I personally believe  
>> this road leads to madness.
> +1
> One of my favorite parts of 0MQ is that it doesn't specify the data  
> rep.
> Cheers,
> Brian
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