[zeromq-dev] Article on 0MQ on Linuxfr.org

Pieter Hintjens ph at imatix.com
Wed Jun 16 22:22:58 CEST 2010

Hi all,

There is a short but informative article on 0MQ on LinuxFR:


Here is a rough translation:

AMQP, or the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, is a standard and open
protocol for MOM, or Message Oriented Middleware.  In summary, it's a
wire-level protocol that defines mechanisms for message queues,
routing (point to point and pub/sub), reliability, and security.
Implementations include OpenAMQ (in C, licensed under the GPLv3) and
RabbitMQ (in Erlang, under the MPL).

It's not news but iMatix considers this standard to be outdated, and
proposes a new one, ØMQ or ZeroMQ, with a high-quality implementation
that is lightweight, easy to use, and fast. iMatix was developing
OpenAMQ, but from now on is supporting and developing ØMQ.

There are bindings in Ruby, Python, or C, and you can see how these
work from the cookbook.  The library itself is written in C++, under

0MQ can transport messages between nodes using whatever network
protocol is available: TCP/IP, PGM, InfiniBand, or Unix domain sockets
for interprocess communication.  0MQ's API lets you implement the
common inter-application messaging patterns with a minimum of fuss:
request/response, pub/sub, with filters to specific topics.  The
latest release of 0MQ has advanced features such as zero-copy and


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