[zeromq-dev] Stable releases

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Mon Jun 7 13:34:16 CEST 2010

ph at imatix.com said:
> > What will happen to the sustrik/zeromq2 repository, which as of today has
> > 129 watchers and thus is regarded by at least 129 people as the canonical
> > repository for 0MQ?
> To be honest I'd prefer the old git to remain, you just need to
> convince Martin it'll work for his experiments.

I would also prefer this solution. Martin, what is wrong with keeping the
current state of affairs and, at your option, either creating an
"experimental" or "socket-intergration" branch for your work on closer
integration with the BSD socket API, or just using the master branch for
that and branching "v2.0-stable" as and when required?

Apart from not fragmenting the canonical source of "where do I find the 0MQ
git" which is currently established, it's also easier to merge fixes
between individual branches in a single repository rather than work with
multiple repositories.


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