[zeromq-dev] Stable releases

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Mon Jun 7 12:46:00 CEST 2010

Martin Lucina wrote:

> Therefore, I must ask the following questions:
> Regarding the actual change of the canonical repository, will existing
> collaborators be retained?
> Who will be maintaining this new "fork", if it is a fork, and is this
> regarded as a community project or as an iMatix project?
> What will happen to the sustrik/zeromq2 repository, which as of today has
> 129 watchers and thus is regarded by at least 129 people as the canonical
> repository for 0MQ? 
> How will those 129 watchers, and other people not necessarily watching the
> mailing list for an obscure message titled "Stable release", learn about
> this change?
> Why was this change not implemented simply as the announcement of the
> creation of a v2.0-stable branch in the current repository? (This is what I
> would have recommended, but no one asked/gave me a chance to answer)
> What is the roadmap for the stabilization of the 2.0.x release?

Good questions!

Most of them are up to Pieter to answer.

As for sustrik/zeromq2 repo, it's my sandbox, and I intend to use it for 
further progress towards integration with BSD socket API. The 
consequence is that the API is not guaranteed to be stable.


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