[zeromq-dev] Very Small Messages/Manual

Ben Kloosterman bklooste at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 13:24:26 CEST 2010

>Yes, there should be a guide to compile-time performance tuning of 0MQ.
 >The question is what percentage of users has enough theoretical
 >background, experience, available HW resources and funding to perform
 >relevant benchmarking and tuning.

I dislike any form of "compile time" tuning ... it is one of those things
that has turned building Unix apps into a dogs breakfast with incredibly
painful make / configuration systemss,  it used to be so simple. 

>Existing compile time constants are carefully chosen to perform best on
 >common modern hardware. Playing with them is likely to cause more harm
 >than good.

Agree , considering how fast it is in most cases it would be premature
optimization..Once you have your app finished tune by all means.  Doing some
testing last few days and quite a few surprises.


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