[zeromq-dev] Creating a pyzmq organization on github

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sat Jul 24 09:29:41 CEST 2010

Dhammika Pathirana wrote:
> On 7/22/10, Serge Aleynikov <serge at aleynikov.org> wrote:
>> My work was based on foking Dhammika's initial implementation.  I made
>>  many enhancements, added documentation, autotools-based config,
>>  cross-compilation for MacOS, but the two repos were not merged, so my
>>  repository can be thought of a successor, and if moved to zeromq/erlzmq,
>>  then, I believe, both mine and Dhammika's versions can be dropped for
>>  ease of sharing.  You can add us both as the owners of this new project.
> Yes, Serge made major improvements and bug fixes, you should
> definitely fork his branch.

Ok. Done.

Both of you are in the Owners team of the project.

Let me know whether everything is OK.


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