[zeromq-dev] Compile problem

Vitaly Mayatskikh v.mayatskih at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 17:06:10 CET 2010

At Thu, 28 Jan 2010 17:04:47 +0100, Marcin Gozdalik wrote:

> I'm trying to compile zeromq under Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit. With
> both zeromq-2.0-beta2.tar.gz and current git I get configure error (full log
> attached):
> [...]
> checking for malloc in -lstdc++... yes
> ./configure: line 15443: libtool: No such file or directory
> mv: cannot stat `libtool-2': No such file or directory
> chmod: cannot access `libtool': No such file or directory
> checking for main in -luuid... no
> configure: error: Could not link with libuuid, install develop version.
> I assume this is a problem with libtool, not with libuuid. How can I fix
> that?

You can fix it by installing libtool.
wbr, Vitaly

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