[zeromq-dev] Debian packaging: current status & where to go from there

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Jan 28 09:02:02 CET 2010

Peter, Vitaly,

>> Peter, would it make sense to try to create a CL package dependent on
>> the C/C++ package? I won't be of much help here, but if you two are able
>> to arrange that, it would be great.
> Well, making the Common Lisp package is easy. But IMHO the CL stuff
> should be separated from the core first.

1. Vitaly moves the CL binding out of the tree.
2. I'll rip the CL stuff out of 0MQ tree.
3. Peter will create the package.

That sounds like a plan!

>>>  * As discussed it makes sense to integrate the debian/ directory into the
>>> upstream sources (I can still ship a modified package after all.)  As long
>>> as I don't have any language bindings enabled (Peter's work had working
>>> packages at least for CL), I guess we should postpone that (but this is
>>> ultimately not my decision; for me, it's ok for you to grab "my" debian/
>>> directory as soon as you want.)
>> Please, Adrian, Peter, Mato, can you make a decision on how to manage
>> this properly?
> Like I have said before, I suggest to do the following in the ZMQ repository:
> mv packages/debian .
> rmdir packages
> Then commit the changes. This means that when you unpack the ZMQ tar
> ball you'll see a debian directory.

You mean executing the two lines above immediately before creating the 
dbian package, right?

That's a pretty good idea:

1. It doesn't require debian directory in the root of the source tree, 
making it neater.

2. It provides packaging scripts in the root of Debian source package, 
which AFAIU is the best practice.

3. It doesn't ship other packaging scripts, such as rpm spec files with 


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