[zeromq-dev] Governance of language bindings

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at fortytwo.ch
Wed Jan 27 11:49:34 CET 2010


On Wednesday 27 January 2010 10.08:15 Peter Busser wrote:
> 2010/1/26 Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com>:

> > Toralf, we should put this together to make a template for all language
> > bindings. It can be presented as a wiki page, in form of a table,
> > whatever. To be discussed.
> It would be nice to put this information also in the ZMQ tarball.

Debian is known to be pedantic (honestly, it's  not me) ... can it be 
assured that all content that goes into the tarball is LGPL (or of course 
public domain)?  Specifically: I'm not sure if the "free" CC licenses are 
now ok in Debian or not, there was a lot of discussion on this.

zeromq packaging right now already has complicated enough licensing 
(Basically LGPL for zeromq, LGPL + some GPL 2 bits in openpgm, and yet 
another license in XmlParser.)  I don't think adding more licenses for 
included website content is a good idea.

That said: I think including the information as such in the tarball is a 
very good idea.  (And the information may as such be a "collection of facts" 
that might not even be copyrightable in many countries, but it might be hard 
to convince the Debian licence police (TINDLP) if they think otherwise.) 

-- vbi

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